The Secret to Being Appreciated

Do you ever notice that certain compliments mean more to you than others? Some people feel great when they get complimented on their clothes, their hair or their shoes. Others love to be complimented on their children, their home or special projects they’ve worked on. What’s the best compliment a person can give you? (Think about it. It will tell you a lot about yourself and your values.)

I bring . . .

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Go ahead, get inspired.

A clay heart on black gravelWhat do you need when you feel uninspired? When I need to get inspired, I get together with a successful person – works every time. I haven’t been writing for a while, so the universe sent me a successful person disguised as a client. But I know in my gut that our work together goes far beyond . . .

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Will the Real You Please Stand Up

Woman unmaskedMy daughter participated in two fitness classes back to back, led by the same instructor. She told me how funny it was that the instructor was soft-spoken and ‘Zen like’ during the yoga class and then became a loud drill sergeant during the ‘combat’ class that followed. I wondered which of the two personalities she really was – and which one . . .

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Traveling the Organized Way: Tips for Smooth, Stress-free Travel

01a0c0c85ab0ffedb8f86fdb3014a84db7a48cfc21I just returned from a month in the Mediterranean; a once-in-a-life time trip which was both a blessing and a challenge.

I feel very fortunate to have traveled to Cyprus, my birthplace, after 44 years. We also went to Malta. My husband and I were able to reconnect with family, make new friends and enjoy spectacular scenery.

But traveling is not without . . .

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When it’s Time to Kiss Your Furniture Goodbye

couchToday we had to say goodbye to our living room couch. It served us well in the almost 10 years we had it. (Wow, has it really been that long?)

When it first arrived, all shiny and new, it wasn’t as comfortable as the couch it replaced. But over time, we worked it in and it became as comfortable as my favorite . . .

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