The Shocking Consequences of Complaining: Grumbling Could Be Killing You

gratitude-is-the-law-ofIt’s something we all do, hundreds of times a day – averaging about once every minute. Complain. Whether it’s about the traffic, the weather, or our job, complaining is hard to avoid. But this habit can become the negative soundtrack of our lives.

Why do we do it? It feels good to […]

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The Secret to Keeping Your Home Tidy – Effortlessly

teacup-1041451_1280Mom would always remind me to put my shoes where they belong when I came home from school every day to keep our home tidy. It took some time, but eventually it became a habit.

Putting things back where we found them is something we were taught in kindergarten (tidy-up […]

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Getting a little perspective…


Hope this inspires you to let go of the trivial and focus on what matters most. (This is my dog, Mila by the way).

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Not All Clutter is Created Equal

DSCN4391There are two types of clutter: current clutter and dated clutter. Do you know the difference?

Current clutter includes mail you’ve recently received, flyers you picked up at a home show last week, and receipts accumulating in wallet.

Dated clutter includes clothes you spent good money on but haven’t worn in months, rusty old […]

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When you just can’t let go of the clutter…


I don’t know about you, but I love quotes. I read them, collect them and am often inspired by quotes. I even write my own quotes and often use my photos for the background. I usually post quotes on my Facebook Fan Page and they tend to be some of the […]

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