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What burden are you carrying – and how is it keeping you stuck?

iStock_000005756083SmallThere’s a powerful quote I’ve had on my bulletin board for years, and it’s not only a favorite, it’s a guiding principle in my life:

“Your playing small does not serve the world”

– Marianne Williamson

Playing big is about connecting with something larger. What would playing big look like to you? Would you write that book, start […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For: How Your Thinking Can Hold You Back

purseHave you ever searched for a missing ‘everyday item’ like your keys or your glasses? You checked in your purse, doubting they would be there, and of course they weren’t. But after you looked everywhere else they could possibly be, you went back to your purse and – lo and behold – they were right there the whole time. I know I’ve […]

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5 Easy Steps to Tackling Your Unfinished Projects

Tackling Unfinished ProjectsHow many half-finished projects are hanging around your home, cluttering rooms and taking up valuable storage space? Most people have dozens.

We all have good intentions when we set aside broken jewelry to fix, clothing to mend, or pictures to add to that scrapbook we’re going to finish…someday.

Have you ever gotten fired up and started a […]

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Your Purpose May Surprise You

The start of a new year seems to trigger us to evaluate our lives and consider whether we are doing what we were put on this earth to do.

Everybody has a calling – absolutely everybody – and it doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly extraordinary. Not all callings will make you rich, famous or even popular.

In fact, a purposeful life […]

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How to be successful without struggling.

Do you think you have to struggle to succeed? If you believe you do, you’re right. If you believe you don’t, you’re right as well.

Here’s how the dictionary defines the word ‘struggle’: ‘to experience difficulty in making one’s way.’ What does it mean to struggle? It’s like trying to climb a slippery slope; with each step forward, you slide two steps back. Countless obstacles are put in your path. It’s […]

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