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Productivity is Overrated (IMHO)


Have you been too busy, too tired, too stressed and too overworked for too long? Are you killing yourself to get things done?

Ever wonder if there’s a better way?

Productivity is overrated. Yes, you read that right. I know I’ve been a big advocate of productivity – guilty as charged.

For some reason, I’ve been coaching a lot of perfectionists lately. […]

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The Secret to Being Appreciated

Do you ever notice that certain compliments mean more to you than others? Some people feel great when they get complimented on their clothes, their hair or their shoes. Others love to be complimented on their children, their home or special projects they’ve worked on. What’s the best compliment a person can give you? (Think about it. It will tell you a lot about yourself and your values.)

I bring […]

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Time Saving Secrets of Successful Realtors: How to get it FREE

Time Saving SecretsYou may have noticed that I haven’t been posting blogs lately. That’s because I’ve been busy working on my latest book. I’m thrilled to announce that my new Kindle book, Time Saving Secrets of a Successful Realtors, is now available on Amazon. But here’s the really good news for you…

The eBook is free starting TODAY, June 11, and […]

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Self Worth: How to Build Yourself Up (Instead of Tearing Yourself Down)

Through coaching hundreds of people, both in my life coaching practice and as a professional organizer, I’ve discovered the one thing that seems to hold many people back from getting what they want: their thoughts.

Is ‘stinking thinking’ holding you hostage? Stinking thinking can be defined as “a bad way of thinking that makes you believe you […]

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Oops, I messed up.

I do quite a bit of traveling for both work and pleasure. As many of you know, traveling requires quite a bit of organization, which shouldn’t be a problem for someone like me…usually. It was my third trip to the airport in a month. It felt like I was just back and caught up from the last trip when I was […]

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