How to Use Rituals to Ease Anxiety and Boost Your Mood

Are you looking for a way to ease anxiety and feel more grounded during this pandemic? A simple way is to honor rituals.

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How to Elevate Your Mood by Reliving Your Most Memorable Moments

To get myself out of the funk I was feeling due to the pandemic, and to occupy the ‘monkey mind’ that spirals out of control when it has too much time to think, I started reflecting on the things I did that made me happy in the past. I grabbed some paper and started making a list of the amazing things I got to do in my life. As I reminisced about these memorable moments, the same heightened emotions I felt in the past were felt again. It was like being engrossed in a movie, but that movie was my real life. It felt so delicious, I kept doing it, a little every day. Next thing I knew, I had over 100 things on my list.

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Feeling inadequate about your productivity during quarantine?

How are you doing? It’s been awhile since we connected. For me, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions during this Covid-19 pandemic. Sometimes I feel hopeful and grateful; other days, I feel anxious and sad. If you’re feeling like that, it’s important to know you are not alone.

Good Intentions

I wanted to reach out sooner, but I was struggling with what to say. I wanted to comfort you, but […]

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Girl Power and the Super Bowl Halftime Show


This is not my typical blog post, and it may ruffle some feathers, but I’m wound up and feel the need to address this.

Like many of you, I watched the Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Then  I read, watched and listened to the backlash that followed.

In fact, a high profile female author and speaker that I highly respect, in her Facebook post, went […]

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How to Find Your Purpose (And Get More Joy Out of Life)

What’s the biggest question you have about your life. For most people, it’s something along the lines of “what would make me happy?” Fulfillment comes from living our purpose, but how do we discover (or should I say uncover) what our purpose is?

No one can […]

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