How to Live Your Best Life – It’s All About Your Vibration

Do you ever notice that some people seem to lead a charmed life? Everything goes their way, they seem to be at the right place at the right time, and when they need to connect with someone, that person just shows up. On the other hand, some people seem to have the worst […]

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How Giving Your Room A Purpose Can Spark Joy

When our daughters went off to university, we downsized, as many people do. However, the smaller home we moved into had four bedrooms, because our two girls still needed a place to sleep when they came home over the summer break, and I needed an office to work from.

Fast forward […]

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How To Help Your Elderly Parents Declutter

If you told me there was a book that could turn my beliefs about decluttering upside down, I would never have believed you. Until I read it. They Left Us Everything, by Plum Johnson, is so powerful that it shifted my perspective on decluttering. It’s the true story of […]

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How to Elevate Your Home into a Temple

I went to my first auction last week…just to satisfy my curiosity – or so I thought. Although I didn’t expect to buy anything, I found myself unable to resist this cathedral mirror with caged front.

It got me thinking about cathedrals, temples, and other places of worship…and how they’re not that different from […]

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Caution: Obstacles May Appear Larger Than They Are


We all have certain activities we find challenging and totally outside our comfort zone. For some people, it’s flying; for others it’s public speaking. For me, it’s swimming.

Although I was born on a Mediterranean island, I never learned how to swim. I tried to learn as an adult, once taking swimming lessons […]

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