Never Give Up on Your Dream

What did you dream about as a kid – back when you thought anything was possible? Before the ‘real job’, the mortgage, and the mouths to feed. Before all those grown-up responsibilities. What was your ‘someday’ dream?

As far back as I can remember, I dreamed of being on stage. I had an […]

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5 Ways to Show Gratitude And Improve Your Life

Seeing images of devastation in the New York area caused by Hurricane Sandy really puts things in perspective for me. I have new appreciation for electricity, gas, and a roof over my head. I’m so grateful that my friends, family members and pets are safe.

What we appreciate appreciates. In other words, […]

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What does your ‘clutter hot spot’ reveal about you?

It’s never about the stuff – it’s about what the stuff represents. In my experience, through working with hundreds of clients struggling with chaos and disorganization, there appears to be an emotional connection to the ‘clutter hot spots’ (the rooms where most of the mess accumulates). It’s as if each room in the […]

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5 Organizing Myths That Can Keep You Stuck

It’s time to dispel some organizing myths that may be keeping you stuck and getting in your way of a more organized life. I’ve focused on the 5 most common beliefs about organizing, so you can get clear on what works and what doesn’t. Once we bust the myths, you’ll be on your […]

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The Abandoned Exercise Bike…and Other Broken Promises

We purchased that piece of exercise equipment because it promised to make us fit and slim. We bought that expensive ‘miracle’ cream because it promised to reduce our wrinkles. We ordered the latest and greatest cooking gadget because it promised to save us time in the kitchen.

When we buy an item, what […]

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