Ever wonder if your cast-offs are worth something?

I got an interesting question today, and because it’s one that comes up often, I thought I would share it (with permission of course) – along with my response. See if you can relate:

Hi Hellen,

I was wondering if old magazines have any real financial value. I often use my old Popular Mechanics magazines as a reference for fixing items around the house. Should I just dump them after […]

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What can you do in 5 minutes to get organized?

It’s no secret that time flies, so we want to make the most of every minute. Use your spare moments efficiently and you’ll not only feel more organized, you’ll also free up larger chunks of time to either spend with your friends and family or enjoy on your own.


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Guilt-Free Pleasures: Lighten Up On Yourself

Have you mastered the art of feeling guilty yet? Sadly, most of us have – especially women. When we’re at work, we feel guilty about neglecting our homes or our families; when we’re at home, we feel guilty about unfinished work at the office. And heaven forbid we take time to […]

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Simple Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life.

Overwhelmed by life’s complications? It seems we have more and more things in our lives, but less and less time to spend with them. Simplifying your life will save you time, money and energy. Try some of these ideas:

100 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

For every item you bring into your home, take one out. When adding a new activity to your schedule, choose one […]

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What’s Bugging You? Easy Solutions to Life’s Little Annoyances

Sometimes all it takes is a simple solution to solve an annoying problem – and improve our lives dramatically as a result.

Take our dog Bo for instance. He’s an absolute joy to be around. But he’s getting up there in age – and has developed some quirky habits that are frustrating the heck out of us. For one […]

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