Getting the Important Stuff Done

Do you agree that our thoughts create our feelings? Have you ever noticed that if you start thinking that there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in, you begin to feel hurried and stressed? The stress you experience actually comes from the inside, not the outside. It’s how we think about our endless ‘to-do list’ that creates feelings of overwhelm. Worry escalates to unproductive thinking: […]

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My Brain Book

I find that the older I get, the important it is for me to be organized. Shortly after my 40th birthday, I started to notice that my memory wasn’t as sharp as it used to be. I experienced moments that felt like someone hit the pause button on my brain – I call it ‘mental-pause’. So here’s what I did:

To clear the fog and release my mind from draining […]

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Out With the Old

On a rainy day in August, 2003, I decided it was time to do a complete office purge. I had been running my business for just over 2 years at that time, and the small filing cabinet I was using was so full, it was becoming too much of a chore to file new documents. So papers were starting to pile up on top of the filing cabinet, and that […]

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