When it’s Time to Kiss Your Furniture Goodbye

couchToday we had to say goodbye to our living room couch. It served us well in the almost 10 years we had it. (Wow, has it really been that long?)

When it first arrived, all shiny and new, it wasn’t as comfortable as the couch it replaced. But over time, […]

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Smart Ways to Control Paper Clutter

woman-deskHas your desk or kitchen table become buried under folders, papers and unopened mail? Do you ever feel stressed because you can’t find important papers when you need them? It’s okay.You’re not alone.  

The average person spends 150 hours per year looking for documents – that’s almost one month.

Think back to when […]

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What burden are you carrying – and how is it keeping you stuck?

iStock_000005756083SmallThere’s a powerful quote I’ve had on my bulletin board for years, and it’s not only a favorite, it’s a guiding principle in my life:

“Your playing small does not serve the world”

– Marianne Williamson

Playing big is about connecting with something larger. What would playing big look like […]

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What’s Coming Between You and a Clutter-Free Home?

EscapeHave you ever considered the possibility that your clutter has nothing to do with the ‘stuff’ and everything to do with your mind? Could it be that, without consciously realizing it, you’ve built a wall around yourself with the clutter, to protect you?

“You are confined […]

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Getting Organized During a Renovation

kitchen reno 002We’ve been in our 1970s home since the summer of 2010. It was in dire need of a kitchen renovation and we purchased it with the intention of doing the renos within the year. But the idea of all that upheaval in the most actively used room caused me to […]

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