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What does your ‘clutter hot spot’ reveal about you?

It’s never about the stuff – it’s about what the stuff represents. In my experience, through working with hundreds of clients struggling with chaos and disorganization, there appears to be an emotional connection to the ‘clutter hot spots’ (the rooms where most of the mess accumulates). It’s as if each room in the […]

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Clear Your Car’s Clutter and Enjoy the Ride

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, whether it’s going to and from work, carting the kids to various activities or embarking on a road trip. With such busy lifestyles, cars have become our home on wheels; a place to eat, fix our hair, make calls, and catch up on reading and paperwork (hopefully not while driving!).  This can take a toll on the inside of the vehicle, […]

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Time to Reclaim Your Garage

The one room in the house that is open for the whole neighborhood to see is often the most unsightly and neglected – the garage.  If you are lucky to have one – congratulations; real estate agents claim this is one of the most requested amenities by homebuyers. You can’t beat the convenience and security of having a place to protect one of your largest investments – your vehicle.  However, […]

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