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Shedding Those Last 5 Pounds…of Clutter

istock_000015977374xsmallHave you ever found a really good hiding place for something valuable, put it there for safe-keeping…and then torn the house upside-down frantically looking for it later –  because you forgot where you hid it?  This was the experience of one of my coaching clients recently – yet something really great came out of […]

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What are you saving it for? ‘Someday’ may never come.

Closet with clothesWhen my mother-in- law passed away over a year ago, my husband and I took on the emotionally taxing task of clearing out her closet. She didn’t buy a lot of new clothes for herself, preferring to spend her money on gifts for others; so the clothing she kept over the years […]

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What does your ‘clutter hot spot’ reveal about you?

It’s never about the stuff – it’s about what the stuff represents. In my experience, through working with hundreds of clients struggling with chaos and disorganization, there appears to be an emotional connection to the ‘clutter hot spots’ (the rooms where most of the mess accumulates). It’s as if each room in the […]

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How retail therapy clutters your closet, and what to do about it.

This is the time of year stores hold sidewalk sales. Who can resist a summer clearance sale? Everyone loves a bargain. But when is a bargain not a bargain? If you have clothes with price tags still attached – months later – you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Stop now, shop later.

Before […]

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