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The Secret to Jump Starting Your Organizing Efforts

Women Cosmetic Accessories in DrawerYou feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of decluttering your home. You don’t know where to start.

So you put it off. “Someday I’ll tackle the clutter, but right now, I’m going to check my Facebook feed, watch TV or make a snack.”

Can you relate? We’ve all been there […]

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Transform Your Bathroom: From Stuffed to Spa-Like

We recently went through a bathroom renovation.  When we moved into the house, we inherited a train-wreck of a bathroom, with a horrendous shade of dark blue paint on the walls, the cabinet, even the door.

I’m thrilled with the updated bathroom.

Whether your bathroom is updated or not, keeping it organized is the key. If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’ll understand the role an orderly environment plays […]

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