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5 Organizing Myths That Can Keep You Stuck

It’s time to dispel some organizing myths that may be keeping you stuck and getting in your way of a more organized life. I’ve focused on the 5 most common beliefs about organizing, so you can get clear on what works and what doesn’t. Once we bust the myths, you’ll be on your […]

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The Abandoned Exercise Bike…and Other Broken Promises

We purchased that piece of exercise equipment because it promised to make us fit and slim. We bought that expensive ‘miracle’ cream because it promised to reduce our wrinkles. We ordered the latest and greatest cooking gadget because it promised to save us time in the kitchen.

When we buy an item, what […]

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Ever wonder if your cast-offs are worth something?

I got an interesting question today, and because it’s one that comes up often, I thought I would share it (with permission of course) – along with my response. See if you can relate:

Hi Hellen,

I was wondering if old magazines have any real financial value. I often use my old Popular Mechanics magazines as a reference for fixing items around the house. Should I just dump them after […]

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Break Up with Your Stuff on Valentine’s Day

Did you know that most couples break up on or around Valentine’s day? Yes, it’s true. This sad statistic had me wondering what people do with gifts from their ex after the breakup.

It didn’t take me long to discover there’s a museum that accepts these mementos from all over the world, and displays them […]

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How to Avoid Traffic Jams When Travelling Down Memory Lane


Oh, the things that we keep.

The other day, I found myself in our storage room, digging through bins and boxes. I was in the mood to get rid of stuff, in my on-going effort to create more breathing space down there (I admit – it’s an obsession). Although I was tempted to go through the kids’ boxes, I […]

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