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Oops, I messed up.

I do quite a bit of traveling for both work and pleasure. As many of you know, traveling requires quite a bit of organization, which shouldn’t be a problem for someone like me…usually. It was my third trip to the airport in a month. It felt like I was just back and caught up from the last trip when I was […]

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Guilt-Free Pleasures: Lighten Up On Yourself

Have you mastered the art of feeling guilty yet? Sadly, most of us have – especially women. When we’re at work, we feel guilty about neglecting our homes or our families; when we’re at home, we feel guilty about unfinished work at the office. And heaven forbid we take time to […]

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May Your Holidays Be Imperfect!

I was thumbing through a magazine the other day while waiting for my dentist appointment. It was the ‘holiday issue’ of a popular décor magazine (which shall remain nameless). Within the first few minutes of picking it up, I must have come across the word ‘perfect’ at least a dozen times:

Buy the perfect gift

Set the perfect table

Bake the perfect pie

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Nobody’s Perfect: Are You Judging Yourself Too Harshly?

Are you a perfectionist? Did you know that a ‘to do’ list is the signature of a perfectionist? Guilty as charged. (A ‘to do’ list is great for getting things out of your head so you can relax, and I often recommend it, provided the list is realistic and manageable rather than overwhelming). Overusing the word ‘should’ is also a sign of a perfectionist: “I should be cleaning the floor […]

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