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Don’t Just Dream It: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

iStock_000012326347XSmallI like to dip my toe in the water first, and then gradually wade into the ocean. The water seems shockingly cold at first, but by the time my whole body is under, it’s not so bad. After a few seconds, the initial discomfort fades and I start really enjoying myself. Interestingly enough, this […]

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The Secret to Getting Unstuck: How to Grow Your Confidence

I was at the gym today during my regular ‘pump’ class when the instructor reminded us that we need to increase the weight of the bar regularly if we want our muscles to grow stronger. It got me thinking how that’s the case in our everyday lives as well: we need to get outside our comfort zone regularly if we want to grow our confidence.

When I first started going […]

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Guilt-Free Pleasures: Lighten Up On Yourself

Have you mastered the art of feeling guilty yet? Sadly, most of us have – especially women. When we’re at work, we feel guilty about neglecting our homes or our families; when we’re at home, we feel guilty about unfinished work at the office. And heaven forbid we take time to […]

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Nobody’s Perfect: Are You Judging Yourself Too Harshly?

Are you a perfectionist? Did you know that a ‘to do’ list is the signature of a perfectionist? Guilty as charged. (A ‘to do’ list is great for getting things out of your head so you can relax, and I often recommend it, provided the list is realistic and manageable rather than overwhelming). Overusing the word ‘should’ is also a sign of a perfectionist: “I should be cleaning the floor […]

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No Guts, No Glory: It’s Worth the Risk

I’ve  played it safe most of my life. It’s no secret that I don’t like to rock the boat, don’t want to ruffle any feathers, and want everyone to think I’m a ‘nice girl’. I am very uncomfortable with criticism and conflict, probably because I have gone to great lengths to avoid exposing myself to it. Perhaps that comes from being an only child – I’m not sure. I’ve coached […]

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