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5 Easy Steps to Tackling Your Unfinished Projects

Tackling Unfinished ProjectsHow many half-finished projects are hanging around your home, cluttering rooms and taking up valuable storage space? Most people have dozens.

We all have good intentions when we set aside broken jewelry to fix, clothing to mend, or pictures to add to that scrapbook we’re going to finish…someday.

Have […]

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5 Organizing Myths That Can Keep You Stuck

It’s time to dispel some organizing myths that may be keeping you stuck and getting in your way of a more organized life. I’ve focused on the 5 most common beliefs about organizing, so you can get clear on what works and what doesn’t. Once we bust the myths, you’ll be on your […]

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What can you do in 5 minutes to get organized?

It’s no secret that time flies, so we want to make the most of every minute. Use your spare moments efficiently and you’ll not only feel more organized, you’ll also free up larger chunks of time to either spend with your friends and family or enjoy on your own.


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Guilt-Free Pleasures: Lighten Up On Yourself

Have you mastered the art of feeling guilty yet? Sadly, most of us have – especially women. When we’re at work, we feel guilty about neglecting our homes or our families; when we’re at home, we feel guilty about unfinished work at the office. And heaven forbid we take time to […]

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Conquering Your To-Do List

How many times have you tripped over that mess by the front door? Is the drip, drip, drip of the bathroom faucet keeping you up night after night? What about that kitchen cupboard that never seems to stay closed? I don’t know about you, but I never seem to be completely free of those minor household irritations. I can […]

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