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Organizing For a Stress-free Holiday: Gift Giving

Take it from someone who does what I do for a living: we all have too much stuff. And yet, every year, we go out and buy more stuff for the people we care about. What’s up with that? It’s still possible to show our love and appreciation through gift-giving without cluttering up people’s homes.

Rather than giving gifts that take up space, consider choosing consumable gifts. Consumable gifts are […]

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Organizing For a Stress-free Holiday: Decorating Your Home

How can you prevent feeling wiped out during the holidays? Do less and enjoy more. Rather than trying to do it all, do what’s most valuable and meaningful to you and your family.

When we leaf through the glossy magazine spreads of homes decked out for the holidays, it’s easy to feel the pressure to compete. Reality check: Those homes are staged by a large staff of talented professionals. They […]

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Organizing For a Stress-free Holiday: The Gift You Give Yourself

With only about a month before Christmas, it’s a good time to start sharing my favourite tips, designed to ease your stress and increase your enjoyment through the holiday season. This is the first in a series of four. 

Have you ever attended a social engagement out of obligation, only to regret it later? Or have you said ‘yes’ to every party request and then felt overextended and too tired […]

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