Caution: Obstacles May Appear Larger Than They Are


We all have certain activities we find challenging and totally outside our comfort zone. For some people, it’s flying; for others it’s public speaking. For me, it’s swimming.

Although I was born on a Mediterranean island, I never learned how to swim. I tried to learn as an adult, once taking swimming lessons at the local community centre, and again at a nearby high school. I would do okay in the shallow end, but the minute we ‘graduated’ to the deep end, I would panic and hold on to the edge for dear life.

Recently, I was speaking to a life coach, and when I told him I couldn’t swim, he listened intently and then concluded: it’s not that I can’t swim, it’s that I’m afraid of the deep end. “Yes, and your point is?” I thought to myself.

He said, “Well, why don’t you just swim in the shallow end?”.

Hmmm, why don’t I? It’s so obvious now, it’s almost laughable. And yet I couldn’t see this simple solution.

Imaginary Barriers to Success

It got me wondering how many other imaginary barriers I have created in my mind, that are limiting me from experiencing a full life.

I recall when I first started my organizing business, I was hesitant to organize closets for clients because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelves (I’m only 5’2”). My coach said, “Why don’t you take a step stool along when you go to your clients’ homes?”.

Well, why don’t I?

As many of you know, organizing closets led me to host a TV show, one of my biggest dreams. Imagine if a little thing like a step stool stood in my way?

What’s in Your Way?

What’s standing in the way of your dreams? It could be as simple as a step stool – or some other barrier that first appears insurmountable – but actually can be dissolved easily?

We construct limitations in our minds, which hold us back from growing and achieving our goals. When we bring these out of the dark recesses of our minds and into the light, we can get a good look, and upon closer examination, perhaps realize they’re not as overwhelming as we initially thought. Sometimes, we need to step outside of ourselves and look at our thoughts and beliefs from a different perspective.

What self-imposed obstacles are holding you back? Please share (and get support from other like-minded readers) in the comment section below.

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