Don’t Just Dream It: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

iStock_000012326347XSmallI like to dip my toe in the water first, and then gradually wade into the ocean. The water seems shockingly cold at first, but by the time my whole body is under, it’s not so bad. After a few seconds, the initial discomfort fades and I start really enjoying myself. Interestingly enough, this is how I approach just about everything in my life. I’m a turtle at heart – slow and steady. And like turtles, we only make progress when we stick our neck out.

Action brings about change – but it often requires some discomfort at the first.

If you want to make a change in your life, choose one small action, schedule it on your calendar, and tell a friend to hold you to it. Don’t wait until the conditions are just right – until you feel motivated, or lose weight, or change your environment. Because ‘someday’ may never come.
Act, despite your fear, self-doubt or insecurity. Act as if you are fearless, confident and capable (your thoughts and feelings will catch up). Sometimes we have to stop over thinking things (that’s what keeps us stuck) and find the courage to leap.

Don’t just dream it, do it.

Is there a change you’ve been contemplating? An important conversation you’ve been putting off? A risk you’ve been hesitating to take? But you’re afraid? Just stick your toe in, despite the initial discomfort; despite all the excuses why you ‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’ or ‘aren’t ready yet’. And before you know it, not only will the discomfort dissolve, you’ll wonder why you were so hesitant in the first place. On the other side of risk and discomfort is an opportunity to enjoy the rewards – and have the life you’ve always wanted.

“It’s not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs” – Vance Havner

What change have you been wanting to make? And what’s one action you will commit to taking now? Please share in the comment section below so we can support you.

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  • Helen says:

    I have stepped into being in business for myself. I have joined a coaching program for Highly Sensitive Entrepeneurs and it has been the best move I could have made.
    I am and will be working with Women who need to learn how to PLAY again by providing art/craft classes for all levels and in the summer I will bring them to the outdoors to play as well.
    I love your newsletter Hellen, I always get something out of it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  • I’ve been trying for years to engage in more creative pursuits, but I need structure, and the two don’t always work well together, so I’ve signed up for a photo challenge where I receive a daily prompt. I think the structure will help to inspire and motivate me to get back into photography, but in a more relaxed way than if I signed up for a class with rigid requirements as to time, place, and assignments.

    • Janet, what a great idea! Daily inspiration and motivation without the pressure. By taking one simple action, you’ve made a commitment to sparking your creativity through photography – love it!

  • Arlene says:

    I have been wanting to get back into writing and possibly pursue it to bring in some money. I was on the way to doing just that when several deaths in my family (parents, sister) happened one after another. Right after that I was in a hit and run car accident and now live with migraines and chronic body pain. I found all this overwhelming along with now living in poverty due to problems finding work.
    BUT, I have started writing on Twitter for fun about TV shows I enjoy and have been pleasantly surprised to find the head writer of one of the shows “favoriting” my tweets.
    This has certainly given me a little more confidence to move forward!
    And let me take this opportunity to wish you the best holiday season ever Hellen! You are my favorite Canadian!!

  • Goretti Silva says:

    Arlene, give me a call I might interest you in an opportunity to earn income while pursuing your dream of writing.
    You can contact me on my cell: 416-455-3558.

  • Sandra says:

    I am about to pursue a new job and have been fighting the process as change is so difficult for me when I do not feel my best health wise. I have been comparing myself to my old self (I used to take change on without hesitation) and now realize that that is wrong and that although I am not the same person, I can still move forward, and as you say but one little step at a time.
    You have written this post for me Hellen, or so it feels.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

    • Sandra, I’m glad my words resonated with you. It takes courage to let go of fear and embrace change – so you are not alone in feeling that way. Have faith that it will work out for the best. We tend to get what we ordered.

  • Sarah says:

    “Putting a toe into the water”, that sounds like me too. And I love it! That is such an unthreatening way to think about it. I have been wanting to do get back into teaching but have been extremely anxious about stepping into a classroom, and have been wanting to find ways to connect with other teaching professionals; this is just how I need to be thinking about it. I will have to file this gem for whenever I am feeling held back. Thank you!!!