Clutter Costs More Than You Think

You’re at the point in your life where you should be enjoying family and career. You want to savor special family moments that come around only once. Instead all you feel is the weight of clutter. It isn’t just that your home is disorganized – it’s started to seep into all aspects of your life.

Worst of all, sometimes you resign yourself to believing “it’s all too much.” You will just “have to live with it” because there’s no alternative to a constant state of overwhelm.

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The Power of an Organized Home

It is possible to rid yourself of clutter and get your life back…

“She’s made me feel like there’s hope for me to have a peaceful, organized sanctuary; a home where I feel so at peace when I walk in the door.” – Cindy DaCosta

It is possible to have time… to restore a sense of peace and calm energy…

“It’s amazing, energizing and easy to maintain… my life has suddenly become much calmer, and I have time…” – Susan Ruddick

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Being in a Constant State of “Over”: Overextended and Overwhelmed

Clutter is robbing you of time…
Stuffed closets mean too much time figuring out what to wear…
Disorganized kitchen means meals take too long to prepare…

Clutter is robbing your relationships…
Feeling like you can never invite anybody over because “the place is such a mess”…
Being impatient with a spouse or children because of all the stress…

Clutter is robbing you of health…
Trying to clean around all the disorganization is hard and harmful dust builds up…
Being overwhelmed drains you of energy leaving you in an unhealthy state of exhaustion…

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An Organized Home is Empowering

Organizing your home takes the power away from clutter and gives you back control. Common reactions we hear… “a weight’s been lifted” … “more at peace”… “have time to pursue the things that matter to me.”

Here are just some of the benefits of getting organized:

  • more time for yourself and others
  • pride in your home
  • bills are paid on time; late fees eliminated
  • your environment becomes energizing instead of draining
  • home becomes a haven and a place to escape to
  • breathe easier because you can dust and clean quicker

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We Organize U’s Solution

We work with you. We’re in the trenches with you, helping you regain control of your life. No scolding. No barking orders. Just practical help.


Personalized Action Plan:
Yes, we have tried and true methods. Yes, there are principles that help make for a more organized life. But one-size does not fit all. We work with you to customize a solution to meet you where you are… in the middle of a busy, unique life.


We work with you to educate you on making changes that are lasting and permanent. Our professional organizers understand that asking for help takes courage. We gently guide you step-by-step to a simpler lifestyle.
Free eBook offer: The first step of your journey to get your life back does not have to be a giant leap. Discover how certain habits accumulate to slowly rob us of time and energy. Find out how a few simple changes can add up to a transformed outlook and a more positive flow to your life. Click here to download the free eBook “7 Habits That Rob You of Time”. This concise guide can be the catalyst to change… start the journey.




“I can’t wait any longer to get my life back”

We have a range of flexible options. Click here to contact us to find the one that meets your unique situation and budget.


Who we serve

We serve Toronto and surrounding areas, including: Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Cambridge, Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, North York, Thomhill, Vaughan, Concord, Scarboro, Brampton, East York, and parts of Hamilton.


Outside our service area?

We can still help you get organized. Click here to learn more about our new Virtual Organizing program.

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“I wanted to thank you for sending us your organizing specialist. She has been fantastic. She helped go through our garage and other areas. I really don’t think I could have tackled the big task on my own. Instead of feeling overwhelmed every time we park, now it can be a space we can be proud of. She’s not only a great organizer, but a lovely kind person.”
– Leanne Lafrance

“Just wanted to let you know how truly amazing your organizer has been and to say thank you for sending her. Wow!! She’s truly gifted.In just two sessions here at my home, she’s made me feel like there’s hope for me to have a peaceful, organized sanctuary; a home where I feel so at peace when I walk in the door.

I was so over-whelmed daily before meeting her that there was no such thing as down-time. There is always something that needs doing, something that needs catching up on. So when I did take time for anything other than my business or house work, it was with extreme guilt.

I took my daughter to a movie last night and even though my house is far from done, because of the productive day with your organizer, I was able to feel okay about it. For the first time ever, I see the light at the end of the tunnel because of her.”
– Cindy DaCosta

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working with your organizer….she has really helped me begin to conquer the accumulated backlog in my house. My organizing skills were well-developed because I had spent years watching your show, reading your newsletters as well as reading other books on household organization and filing. What I find (your organizer) really helps me with is overcome blocks I have about how to sort or store a particular group of things. She helps me get a better perspective. She also helps me persevere when I am feeling overwhelmed. I have found her very helpful and she is also a very pleasant, personable individual.”
– Elizabeth Bosman

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