Get Rid of Your Unproductive Home Office Once and For All

Give yourself the gift of renewed focus, an energizing work space, and soaring productivity.

Whether you use your home office to run your business or simply to manage the business of running your household, you know the frustration and wasted time of a cluttered workspace.

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The High Cost of a Messy Home Office

-late fees on bills that got misplaced
-delayed responses can cost you business

-poor filing leads to wasted effort finding important documents – time you could be working
-too much time spent looking for the supplies you need to accomplish your tasks

-a poorly organized office area feels suffocating and stifles creativity
-physical clutter often causes “mind clutter” – a lack of focus leading to indecision

Hire a Professional Organizer


Put yourself back in the driver’s seat by giving your home office a complete makeover

Imagine a We Organize U Professional Organizer taking you step-by-step to:

  • eliminate paper clutter
  • arrange your furniture to make your office look more spacious and inviting
  • teach you a simple method for sorting mail and tracking bills
  • customize a filing system based on your unique learning style
  • give you the tools you need to make your changes permanent

Hire a Professional Organizer


How a ‘We Organize U’ Professional Organizer Works:

We work with you. We’re in the office with you, helping you regain control of your business space. No scolding. No barking orders. Just practical help.

Personalized Action Plan:
Yes, we have tried and true methods. Yes, there are principles that help make for a more organized office. But one-size does not fit all. We work with you to customize a solution that meets you unique home office needs.

We work with you to educate you on making changes that are lasting and permanent. Our professional organizers understand that asking for help takes courage. We gently guide you step-by-step to an efficient, beautiful workspace.


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“I can’t afford to wait… my home office is killing my productivity and is costing me money”. To start taking your workspace back, click here to contact us.

Hire a Professional Organizer



“As a busy mother of two I needed advice on how to organize my cluttered and disorganized home office so I contacted We Organize U. One of their organizing specialists contacted me to discuss all of my concerns and expectations right away. Even after our first phone call, I knew I was in good hands. After a very in-depth consultation, she provided the expertise that my husband and I needed to organize our office in an efficient way. I would highly recommend We Organize U because they provided exactly what we needed.”
– Heather LaRue

“It worked! I can’t believe how organized the place is now in a few short weeks. It’s amazing, energizing and easy to maintain because everything is in a place that makes sense to me.What is more incredible is that I am not searching for stuff anymore, my life has suddenly become much calmer, and I have time now to get through the list of ‘to do’s that are on the backboard.

I think your organizer really understood the kind of system that works best for me, because I am having no trouble maintaining it at all (its even inspired my 18 year old son to get busy on his room…).”
– Susan Ruddick

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