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Hellen Buttigieg delivers presentations in a warm, engaging style that keeps her audience energized and leaves them inspired. A truly polished speaker, Hellen has honed her dynamic style through dozens of presentations and her experience as a Gemini-nominated TV host. Participants most often comment on how her enthusiasm and user-friendly ideas inspire them to take action.

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For Event Planners

For Event Planners

Most Requested Presentations:

Organizing That Fits: How to Conquer Clutter Using Your Learning Style

When it comes to organizing, have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? You've made several attempts at getting organized. And yet, you're still surrounded by piles of papers and crammed closets. Those great tips that seem to work for everyone else, just don't work for you...

That's because organizing is not one size fits all. The key to getting organized once and for all is to find solutions that fit your natural learning style.

Based on her award winning book Organizing Outside the Box, Hellen will show you the most effective way to organize - the way that's right for you. When you discover your personal organizing style and learn how to set up systems that work best for you, you'll find it easier to get and stay organized. And life will begin to flow so much smoother.

You will learn how to:

  • determine whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner
  • choose the filing, storage, and organizing systems that fit your learning style
  • overcome feelings of frustration, anxiety, and overload
  • organize your thoughts and unleash your creative potential
  • run a more efficient home and office by understanding the preferred organizing styles of family and co-workers


Unclutter Your Life: Quit Drowning In a Sea of Papers

Has your office or kitchen table become buried under paperwork? Do you feel stressed because you can’t find what you need when you need it? This presentation unlocks the secrets that keep you from drowning in paper. How do you determine what to keep, what to get rid of, and how to organize what’s left? This presentation inspires participants to take action, feel less stress, and free up time for what really matters.

In this informative and action-packed talk, participants learn how to:

  • Eliminate paper clutter at home and in the office
  • Locate papers and files within seconds
  • Stay on top of their game with an action file system
  • Free up time and start focusing on what matters
  • Improve the quality of their work while doing it in less time


Cut Closet Clutter & Create More Space

What is your typical morning? Are you able to choose an outfit with ease, accessorize quickly, and start the day with energy? Or are you frantically digging in your closet, unable to find what you need, and starting off late to work? If you can’t decide what to keep or giveaway and all this extra stuff is making your life way too complicated, it’s time for a closet makeover. This presentation is a fun way to focus on de-cluttering and organizing your closet to help you look and feel your best.

In this engaging presentation, participants discover how to:

  • Get started (this can be the hardest part!)
  • Tackle closet clutter using the 4 D’s to De-cluttering a Closet
  • Streamline their wardrobe
  • Make keep/toss/giveaway decisions quickly and easily
  • Overcome obstacles that keep them stuck
  • Choose the right organizing products that make the most of closet space
  • Discover a maintenance plan that actually works


Hellen’s Top 10 Cardinal Rules of Organizing

Getting organized is consistently one of the top 3 resolutions people make. But what if the cure is worse than the disease? The amount of advice and tips on how to get organized can be as overwhelming the clutter itself. In this presentation, Hellen has narrowed it down to 10 basic rules that will keep your home organized and clutter-free.

This highly practical presentation teaches participants how to:

  • Find time to get organized
  • Get started
  • Make the most out of existing space
  • Determine where and how to store things
  • Choose the organizing products that work best
  • Keep clutter-free with a practical maintenance plan


Tame Kitchen Chaos: How to Organize the Hub of the Home

Kids’ homework spread out on the table, mail piling up on the counter, and a plastic container avalanche every time you open a certain cupboard. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. It’s time to tame your kitchen chaos. This presentation focuses on de-cluttering and organizing one of the most important areas of your home. Make the hub of your home a functional, welcoming space that nutures your family and save you time, energy, and money.

In this inspiring presentation, participants learn how to:

  • Make keep/toss/giveaway decisions quick and painless
  • Use the secret of clearly defined zones to create a kitchen as efficient as a restaurant
  • Organize supplies in a way that makes the most sense
  • Avoid ‘pantry overstock’ that wastes food and money
  • Choose the right products and containers
  • Keep the kitchen highly functional with an ongoing maintenance plan


Getting Time on Your Side: How to Manage the Minutes of Your Life

Overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time? Stress, overwork, and frustration have become rampant. In this popular presentation, Hellen gives you the keys to getting life’s most precious asset back: time. You’ll get insider secrets that lower your stress level while upping your game.

In this informative seminar, participants are given the secrets to:

  • Organizing their day for greater control
  • Creating a daily time schedule that helps achieve goals
  • Identifying time gobblers and how to defeat them
  • Minimizing distractions for maximum focus
  • Being in charge of voicemail and email, instead of the other way around
  • Balancing a life through the power of the guilt-free ‘no’


Custom Presentations

Theme, content, and format of presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your event and audience.


Due to Hellen’s busy schedule, it is recommended that speaking engagements and presentations be booked well in advance. Please click here to contact us.



"At dmg World Media we produce some of the largest consumer shows in North America that can draw up to 60,000 visitors, per show. It is always our goal, as show producers to inspire, educate and entertain our visitors; Hellen Buttigieg does just that. Her presentation on how to organize and de-clutter your home and office is brilliant. She captivates the audience with energy, passion, and educates them by showing simple, easy tips on how to organize their homes and lives. By the end of her presentation there is standing room only- people were inspired!"
- Patti Dorin, dmg world media

"As Program Chair for the 2006 Professional Organizers in Canada National Conference I had occasion to hear Hellen speak to our membership. Her style was warm and informative......a real hit with our conference crowd! We were delighted to hear her story of "Success Without Struggle". It was real and believable and very encouraging to our members. I did have opportunity to review the post-conference evaluation forms and my words were confirmed by many. Hellen's keynote address was truly a hi-lite of our conference experience!"
- Donna Schmidt, Program Chair, Professional Organizers in Canada National Conference

"Your presentation was well received - the feedback I received was great. Kudos for a job well done - lively, interactive, even thought provoking!"
- Joan Black, Manager, Customer Service, Paradigm Financial Advisors

"Your presentation was passionate, humourous and informative. I especially enjoyed learning about "RAFT" and how it "saves us from drowning in a sea of paper" - truly unforgettable. Given the comments from the group I expect the numbers will be even higher the next time we meet.”

Some of the comments we received were "Good positive motivator", "She's very upbeat and informative", "Great ideas, Thank you!", "She makes you feel like this is a very attainable goal". And when asked "Would you recommend this presentation to a friend" the response was a unanimous "YES ABSOLUTELY"
- Brad Shoemaker, V.P. & Branch Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy

"Your presentation was informational, motivational -- and fun. I think you have inspired all of us to R.A.F.T. and de-clutter our lives. That's no small step for us!
- Donna Papacosta, Trafalgar Communications

"Your words of wisdom encouraged all of us to take a look at organizing our lives so that we can manage our time rather than allow time to manage our lives. I am sure that we will be able to use your information this year and run more effective meetings and only handle what matters most. This evening was definitely time well spent!"
- Lauren Brydges, Today's Family

"Your highly charged workshop gave our company some excellent tools to organize ourselves. Any business that strives to improve needs to consider this seminar. Thank you, Helen for a job well done."
- Brian Gordon, President, Skyline Toronto

"Your presentation "Getting Time on Your Side" helped us understand that time management strategies don’t have to be complicated to work. You inspired those in attendance to take action and apply your ideas to increase their personal effectiveness."
- Anna Manocchio | Director, Human Resources, IMAX Corporation

"Your easy and approachable presentation style, not to mention knowledge and passion for the subject, provided a connection with the audience which allowed the group to really engage with questions and through the exercises. Our sincerest thanks on making the day such a success and we hope to work with you again in the future!"
- Judi S. Goldsworthy, CRSP, Health & Safety Coordinator, Halton District School Board

"Thank you so much for coming in and speaking to our employees for our March Wellness event! It was very well received by all that attended. You did an excellent job addressing the links between organization and health and wellness throughout your presentation. I want to thank you for an informative and entertaining talk!"
- Alyce Barclay, Health, Safety and Wellness, Town of Oakville

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